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Welcome to Sibelco Nordic - the leading producer of sand and industrial minerals in the Nordic countries Drawn from our reserves of nepheline syenite, feldspar, olivine and silica sand, our products form the starting point for things we all use every day, from the windows in your home to the cup that holds your morning coffee. Industrial minerals are an essential component of modern life and it is our responsibility as a business to ensure that these natural resources are used wisely. Our task does not simply end at the point of delivery. We continue to be involved, think along with you and follow the developments in your markets. We are only satisfied if our clients are too. Or, in other words... ...we dig that little bit deeper for you. History Sibelco Nordic is a part of the Sibelco Group that was founded in 1872. Today Sibelco has grown into a truly multinational business, today operating 228 production sites in 41 countries with a team of over 10,000 people. We work closely with our customers to create real value, drawing on the Group’s global resources and expertise to deliver local solutions. When our business began, Sibelco’s focus was on mining quartz sand for Belgium’s glass producers. These days we extract and process a broad range of non-metallic industrial minerals, all of which are being continuously developed to meet the ever changing needs of manufacturers in a wide range of industries. Like the markets we serve, our business is constantly changing. However we continuously maintain the ethos of a private company with decentralized management, short and flexible decision lines, a long-term investment horizon and an outstanding record of employee relations.

Sibelco Nordic

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